FundGive artboard

FundGive makes running a fundraiser easier than ever! We provide a tech-savvy platform that’s simple for you to set up, easy for sellers to share and participate and–best of all–makes supporting your cause a breeze.

Customized Website

  • Personalized messaging for students and supporters
  • Logo upload
  • Video upload
  • Showcase top supporters

Sponsor Portal

  • Full visibility
    • Student registration
    • Student shares
    • Student donation
  • Total money collected
  • Customizable tax receipt
  • Customizable reports with date range and export features
  • Automated emails keep you up-to-date on your fundraiser

Student Portal

  • 1-minute registration
  • 1-click text, email and social sharing of personal participnat link
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Custom picture or keep pre-filled group picture/logo
  • Real-time analtyics
    • Shares
    • Donations
    • Acts of kindness
    • Supporter goal


  • Support in 3 ways
    • Cash/check donations 100% profit
    • Customer acts of kindness 100% profit
    • Online donations 75% profit
    • Online shopping 40% profit
  • Automated receipt
  • Mobile-friendly
  • We are ready to help! 480 326 5092 or email

For more information, contact Grand Canyon Fundraising today!