Autism Academy

Yes we are very happy with all the shirts!! We wanted to know if we could run the fundraiser AGAIN for this year? We have many people who are inquiring about them and we feel like we could sell several more.

The Autism Academy
Tucson Campus

Lafe Nelson School

Thank you so much. Our [pretzel rod] sale went well as expected. Thank for putting us on to these last year. It’s a great fundraiser and I don’t feel guilty asking people buy things they won’t use.

Lafe Nelson School

Pinnacle Prep

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the Fundraiser. Both myself and the PTO Treasurer, Tanja, were very happy with the money that was generated.

Pinnacle Prep

Roosevelt School District

On behalf of the Governing Board and the Superintendent of the Roosevelt School District No. 66, … we wish thank for the generous donation of assorted pretzel rods estimated at $4000.00. The donation will be used towards the grab and go meals for RSD families.

Your generosity will help support all Roosevelt School students and families during the meal events.

We appreciate your donation and thank you for providing our district with this opportunity in preparing every student for success.

Dr. Quintin Boyce, Superintendent
Mr. Lawrence Robinson, Governing Board President

Trevor Brown High School Choir

Thank you for everything that you have done for the TGB Choir students over the past five years. You made so many of their incredible and unique opportunities possible. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Trevor Brown HS Choir

Student Activities

… [T]he fortune cookies were a hit! I shared your flyers with all the clubs; some of them will contact you soon for fundraising purposes.

J. Andres “Andy” Espinoza, M.Ed.
Student Activities Manager

Lafe Nelson

I am so impressed with how well the pretzel rods are selling.  As you said, once they eat it, they want another. 

Belinda B.
Lafe Nelson

High School Student Council

The pretzels were a hit and gave my club some selling experience!

Thank you so much. I will be sure contact you again for our next fundraisers.

Best regards,

D. Crabtree

Roosevelt Elementary

You’ve always been so positive and understanding of our PTO team, school staff and students. Thank you.

Julie C.
Roosevelt Elementary

Festival Foothills PTA

2018: We really enjoyed working with you, Cindy! Will definitely keep referring you and look forward to working with you in the future ❤️

2017: Thank you sooo much for an excellent holiday Shoppe and being so wonderful to work with! We’re even more excited for the coupon book fundraiser now!

Kristen S.
Festival Foothills PTA